Because your manuscript will need to be formatted for online publication in the Proceedings of the International Oil Spill Conference (IOSC), it is important that you follow the guidelines below. Keep in mind that this is an interdisciplinary conference, so prepare your manuscript for readers who, although experts in their own fields, may not be familiar with yours.


SUBMISSION PROCESS: You will be submitting your paper through the IOSC submission site at http://submissions.mirasmart.com/IOSC2017/login.aspx .
You will log back in using the original email address and password used to submit the abstract. Final posters are due no later than May 20, 2016. In the event you are unsuccessful at electronic submission, please contact the IOSC staff by e-mail us at: IOSC@courtesyassoc.com

Common Questions

1. When must I submit my abstract by?
Abstracts must be submitted by Friday, May 20. We encourage you to access the abstract submission site well in advance of this date to give yourself ample time to input and edit your abstract. You can save your abstract and re-visit it later, as long as you do not ‘submit’. Once you have submitted your abstract entry is complete and cannot be edited. All abstracts must be submitted by May 20th. Saved drafts will not count as submissions which meet the deadline.

2. What specifications are there regarding abstract submissions?
Each abstract must be in English, may not exceed 400 words, and must be designated for either a paper or poster. 

3. Did you get my submission?
You can check that status of your abstract by logging in to your account at: http://submissions.mirasmart.com/IOSC2017/. Once logged-in to your account, note the ‘Status’ column under ‘My Abstracts’. Once we have received your submission you will see your abstract status listed as ‘Successfully Submitted.’

4. What Focus Topics are there? Are there specific guidelines for a paper vs. poster?
For IOSC 2017, we have identified 14 Focus Topics for papers and posters. Additionally, we have outlined specific information which is relevant to papers and posters individually. Please view the Call for Papers and Posters for additional information. Focus Topics can be found on Page 3, Papers can be found on Page 2, and Posters can be found on Page 4.


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